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  1. Lobby General Chat
    If you're in the area come check it out
  2. Welcome to all new Members! Check in to say Hello
    Hello..!! I'm loving this site and have been considering building a gasser for a little while now. Picked up this vey clean 1961 Falcon yesterday. Some people are telling me its too clean to chop up but it would be nice to start with a nice clean car and spend the time and money on mods...
  3. Project Update Section
    Hello All, I am a new member looking for advice on my Ford Falcon project. Have never built one before, but would like to know the proper way. I have done a couple of frame-off stock restorations, but those were mostly remove, restore and reassemble. Is there such a thing as a "modern gasser"...
  4. Suspensions, Chassis, Brakes, Swaybars, Tire, Rims
    I have a 54 and a 55 Chevy straight front axle from pickups. I want to put one under a '38 gasser. How can I convert these to 5 lug bolt pattern? I'm OK with either disk or drum brakes. Thanks for any responses!
  5. Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    Hey Guys, I'm starting on my second gasser project which turns out to be a 66 Econoline Truck. I want to put the motor in the back as close to the back axle or maybe right on top. I remember seeing a monster garage episode where they built a wheel standing van and they used a "v drive" unit to...
  6. Classifieds Section: Buy, Sell, Trade & Free Stuff
    Hey guys I know I just became a member and its sucks that my life has come to this. But it has come time for me to sell my 49 STUDEBAKER business coupe. Times are rough and money is tight! Ill post some pics sell car as rolling body no title no motor no tranny no front end no interior.... Car...
  7. Ebay auctions and Craig's List
    See ad on Craigslist:
1-7 of 10 Results