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Thread: Made some progress

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    Senior Member mmhotrod's Avatar
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    It does look a little high but it does look so freakin cool though.

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    Do you have any idea what the total weight of your drivetrain is? Could you get 90# sacks of ready mix that equal that weight and set them in the engine compartment to see how much the front end comes down before you start changing and modifying parts. I'm thinking that if the suspension settles a couple inches with the weight on it it will be the perfect height. Personally I like it, a lot!!! After you load the front end with the sacks of ready mix to check and see how it looks you just return them to the store for a refund.
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    Steve it is at ride height in the pics...coil overs will keep it at what it is now with the drive train installed...shackles are at the perfect angel now...I can sit on the bumper and bounce it up and it is not to firm and should ride nice thanks to the super slide spring.... when I measure from the ground to the bottom of the frame it is very close to stock it is not the chassis that is to high...the drive way being up hill adds to the too high look...but it just looks a little too high....more like a freak.....I will take more pics Saturday and post them...I got to pick up the shop and take the leaf blower and blow all the dust out of the shop after the hood scoop build...

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    I love the stance, and I bet the 3" body lift removed would nail it perfectly. It's always nice to see them outside and really be able to get back and see it.

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