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Thread: New Battery Jump Pack

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    New Battery Jump Pack

    Years ago I bought a couple battery jump packs. They worked great but were big and bulky and only lasted a few years. Last April we stopped at our buddies shop and we were trying to start the 572 in Norm's '55 Chevy. Unfortunately the battery was dead. Dave had just purchased a small jump pack off the Mac truck so we gave it a try. It started the engine several times. Dave had told us that the jump pack was about $150.

    A couple weeks ago I was wandering through the automotive section at Walmart when I found a similar jump pack and it was only $60. I picked one up and just had to use in to start my Cadillac 500. It started it three or four times and still had a charge. I was having a carburetor problem. It will hold a charge for over a year and it has a usb port to charge anything that uses one.

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    That's pretty darn good, and a great price for it too! I think I'll take a look at Waalmart and see what they cost near me.

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    don't hook it up backwards in the dark on a cold morning when car has dead battery fries it real good

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    I know its old to reply but I wanna continue this topic, can you tell me from where you bought it?, actually I am looking to buy it. plz let me know about it.
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