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    Too damn old

    Maybe not...had a plumbing guy come out and look what needed to be done under the house...he took one look in the crawl space and said he would small for his I figured every one would more than Likely say the same... since the area that needed work was about a 60 foot long crawl mostly on your back or belly...due too low hanging drain pipes and H-vac stuff also hanging I went and pulled out one of the heat ducts and passed every thing I thought I needed down thru the opening...doubled up my cloths to help prevent bruising and climbed into the hole of hell...looked to see what material I needed and what needed to be redone and what needed to be repaired...I will tell you sweat soldering joints on your back in an 85 degree crawl space is not about 1/2 way done with it...but all the remaining is near the opening so I will not have to crawl as far as today....witch today was about 350 feet due to having to go back and fourth...really makes me Not hate sanding so age 50 I would have never even thought of calling a plumber...but at almost 70 well shit...maybe I have a few more years...I wonder if I will be able to get out of bed on Sunday...oh did I mention that my house is on Glacier rock....3 to 6 inch stone you have to crawl really hurts you knees you are better off crawling...really
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    You young

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    Sounds like most of my life! Now our house has a basement, so no more crawl spaces! Yippee!

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