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    Anybody tired? The rules are insane. Cant have this, must have that. Have they REALY looked at the NHRA, IHRA, and AHRA, rule books for Gas classes in 1967? I think not!!
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    No, their rules are confusing, and random. But their hearts are in the right place. They're trying to recreate an era, but really not doing so. It's sad to see rules like "only 4 speed cars" and disallow automatics when there were so many cars with hydromatics back then. One guy told me that rule was in place because sticks are more fun to watch, and another said it was because there were almost no automatics, which is BS.
    The 14" rocker rule is also silly since many era cars sat lower. Then there's the frame rules, which defy the NHRA rules for the period they say they're emulating. No cars could have fabricated frames then, and yet almost all SEGA cars have fabricated frames. They think because they restrict the frame rails to a certain size it's OK, but it's not correct for the era.

    I like watching the cars run, but if they're going to restrict to only 4 speed cars, they should also restrict the shifters to old school too. Most of the serious cars in SEGA are running exotic 4 speeds built today, and shifters that are much more advanced than an old Hurst. They seem to bend rules to suit those who write them.

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