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for some one saying there not doing a refined finish....you sure are spending time grinding down your welds and other things real nice...bet you thought no one would notice the details that are evident in your build...I AM WATCHING YOU
LOL, thank you, and I'm glad you're watching me, and I also hope you call me out if I get lazy or sloppy with it. How, when I say I am not doing this refined or finished, it doesn't mean I want a death trap that can't roll straight or hold itself together, but it does mean that I won't be doing any finishing body work, chroming of bumpers, or stuff like that. The oxidized grille and rear bumper that are on the car are finished, as far as I'm concerned. The wavy quarter panels that came with the car will be there when I sell it. I may put a coat of flat paint of one color on it to help hide the gel coat on the fiberglass parts, but I don't see doing anything pretty on the outside.