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Thread: Pro Street Willys

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    Pro Street Willys

    New to this group. I also just got Picasa for pictures so this is my first attempt. I have lots of pictures of my travels this year. 12,000 miles worth.

    I'm not real sure how to do pictures as my old system crashed and I no longer can directly resize. All of my pictures are around 4 meg so for most everything I need to down size them.

    Anyway it's a plastic car with a 355 SBC 6-71 blower 2 750 dp, Edle heads and cam, 8.75:1, block huggers that I modified to 3 in collectors. Jet Hot, 3 in pipes all the way back. AC heat def, p/win, p/4 wh disc brakes , T-350 no kick down, 9 in 3.50 gears, Det Locker, Hoosier Pro Streets on Convo Pro Wheels, true 4 link, tube Must II with QA-1 front, Coil over rear, AFR gage. Paint is Dark cherry metalic pearl.

    I did it all myself except paint.

    Iphone app said 0-60 in less than 4 sec..take it or leave it haha I do get 16+ mpg on the highway cruising. I do drive in the rain, have pictures, just got done driving at 15 deg F. Sure does like that cold Minn air. haha
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1633_2-2.jpg‎
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    41 Willys SBC 6-71, T350, 9 in, 3.50 streetrod.
    99 Dodge CTD 5 sp, 4.10 black ex cab, dually Smarty.

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    Very Nice looking Willys and the Convo's
    4431 Snydertown Road
    Danville PA.

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    Hi, VERY COOL willys. always liked them, havent owned one YET.

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    Welcome to the site, bentwings. Nice Willys! Looks like a hand full.


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    Hello and Welcome Bentwings Beautiful Willys


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    Very Classy looking car. Lots of mile, you must really enjoy cruising? I would too if my car looked like that. Are you pirmarily comleted in your build or are you like most hot rodders, never really done? I love the versatility of that body style. I think if I built a Willys I'd be so torn between how to buil dit (between old school Gasser nose up versus your later the Pro Mod down in the weeds Hot Rod look) that I'd never get the darn thing built. Love the blower too. Love the Willys. Mark L
    It's not a period gasser but it is what I would have built had I been of age to back then.

    Yesterday I was so far behind that the guy in front of me was me!

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    nice job, beautiful.

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    As with most streetrods they are never really done. The primary direction is to complete the AC install. I installed the evaporator last fall in time to use the heater on a number of cruises. Fri I completed the condenser install and relocated the trans cooler slightly. Roughly 10# in an 8# bag. In other words it's pretty tight up by the radiator. I also made up the stainless steel lower radiator hose. I need this so I didn't have to run the hose inside the belt for the AC. Also it cleaned up the hose and got rid of the nasty spring which I think hinders flow in the snakey hose that I had. It's now a direct shot. I welded a ring on each end of the SS tube so the hose could seal and not come off . For added insurance I double clamped it. (got that from the boat guys). Got the dryer installed today. I'll lay out the fittings required and go get them Mon. I was going to buy a vac pump and a gage set but I got offered both today at the shop so I can save several hunderd bucks.

    Next up is to finish the interior. I have a big sheet of ABS plastic that I'm going to attempt to mold into a one piece headliner. Since the car is all round corners I'm trying to keep the theme everywhere. I don't really like the multi panel stuff that the upholstery shops all want so I'm going off on my own again. Once that is done I will do something with the aluminum door panels that I made up last year. Molded arm rests and map pockets are the theme here so far. The Willys doors are pretty thin so any molding has to rob pasenger space which is tight too. These things are like a 3/4 scale model of a 35-36 Ford.

    I want some data logging so that is on the side for now...ready to cook off later. haha

    Unless I get some Tig welding projects or another funny car to build I may have to go back to work for a year. These cars are expensive. Just hope the motor and trans hold up one more year.

    The car is so much fun to drive that I really don't especially like to sit around at shows anymore. I'd rather make an appearance then go cruise around the area.

    While I like the gasser look the ones I have been around don't handle very well, at least not to my liking. I like to take the cloverleafs at a good clip and make use of the winding country roads. I even make use of the blower once in a while. haha The car actually rides reasonably well. It's a little stiffer than I'd like but it's still a comfortable ride. I can go as long as anyone else without getting cramped up. At my age anything less than the rocking chair is cramped so it's pretty comfortable.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    41 Willys SBC 6-71, T350, 9 in, 3.50 streetrod.
    99 Dodge CTD 5 sp, 4.10 black ex cab, dually Smarty.

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    Beautiful looking Willys!

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    Well I finally got out for a couple of cruises. Last week there was one last nice day so I took a drive about 50 miles round trip. Stopped and got a burger for lunch.

    Last night was the last good day for the next week anyway as the weather is closing in again. Went over and met for fast food dinner and discussion. Another 40 mile round trip.

    It's really fun to get out but our dang weather is just awful. It's only 37 deg and may hit high 40's late afternoon. We have a cruise to another fast food for dinner tonight but it is supposed to rain and snow again. I don't mind the rain if someone else is going along but the snow is not safe with big tires on the rear.

    I have the A/C installed and it is ready for charging. I have a pump but it doesn't pull enough vac so I'm going to get a new one and a new set of gages.

    I also decided to complete the interior myself. I bought an industrial sewing machine and I'm working 4 hours a day learing to operate it and to make interiors. I just did a complete French seam. Double row of stictches around a seat is a common place to see them. this machine will sew 4 layers of leather thru 1/4 in plywood at 3000 stiches per minute so it has some real serious power. In hot rod terms....blown BBC haha

    I have some headliner material ready for sewing and a new set of roof bows ready to install. Probably this week. There is more to this upholstery stuff than meets the eye.

    I worked as a mechanical engineer in the textile industry for a number of years so I am familar with some of the terms and the technology. There is still a lot to learn but I'll get it and go from there.

    Just as in sports play to win...
    41 Willys SBC 6-71, T350, 9 in, 3.50 streetrod.
    99 Dodge CTD 5 sp, 4.10 black ex cab, dually Smarty.

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